Welcome to the N8VZ Ham Shack Web Site.   I’ve converted it to a WordPress run site.  I hope you like what you see and will stop by often.  Please feel free to leave comments on any of the pages where comments are allowed to contact the webmaster.


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  1. Hi Carl, saw your add on QTH com and saw that you had a web site. Being curious I had to check it out. Nice job. Very inviting. The 991 must have been a big disappointment. My guess is that it was noisy and in need of lots of filters. At least that is the way I felt about the 847 I once owned. I’m thinking about taking the plunge for a 7600. Good luck on a better replacement.

  2. Hi Rob, I see that they now have an “improved” version of the FT-991 out. It’s called the FT-991A. The major difference is the scope is now real time and runs simultaneous with the audio output. Did you ever get the IC-7600? I’m very interested in the new, soon to be sold in the USA, IC-7610, which will be a totally SDR radio. Basically, an IC-7300 with all the IC-7600 bells and whistles. 73 de Carl N8VZ

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